All the tools you need to offer your YoungĀ Children a Happy and Healthy Start to Life

When you join Mini Minds Matter as a member, you are trained by us and given the tools to incorporate mindful moments into your daily curriculum to help your mini students process their emotions and learn how to cope with life events such as COVID-19 and its aftermath. We provide you with all the tools needed to carry out this fun, effective approach.


Start to make a difference to Young Children's Mental Health and Wellbeing

Provide your students and their parents an unrivalled service, by becoming a Mini Minds Matter Partner and offering mental health support in your setting. By supporting the youngest members of our society and teaching them to respect their emotions, their minds and themselves, we help them become kind, strong, supportive, individual adults.

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Parental Testimonial 

Our little boy regularly tells us about how he is encouraged to sit, relax and listen to his breathing. His favourite part of the sessions are sharing positive affirmations and often recites these to us at home, ‘I am strong, I am good, I am brave, I am kind to others, I am happy, I am loved’.

Early Years Teacher Testimonial

The mini minds matter approach has changed the way both children and staff in the setting think about emotions and wellbeing.  Since introducing the approach, we have noticed a substantial change in the way children play and engage with both peers and adults. Parents have also shown a huge involvement with the programme and, with the help of staff, they are able to continue using affirmations at home. The dinosaurs are a huge drawing point for the children and they have shown great engagement with Wellasarus and his friends. The resources and support provided by the mini minds matter team are outstanding and ongoing each month. The children not only use the affirmations daily but understand what they mean and why we use them.

Nursery Deputy Manager Testimonial

The Mini Minds Matter approach not only has shown benefits for supporting children with their own emotions, however is put into practice in a child friendly, age appropriate way. The use of dinosaurs such as Uniqueasaurus and Creativeasaurus instantly draws children in and makes the experiences much more memorable and rich.

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